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God's Plumbline Ministries is called to repair devastation in the lives of God's people allowing restoration both physically and spiritually. Providing creative solutions for employment, education and life skills allowing God to repair and restore hope.  Empowering each community to establish a secure foundation both inside and out, while keeping in tact God given talents and uniqueness, not focusing on man's ways but God's ways.  Developing working relationships within social and economic circles, working hand in hand with community leaders to bring the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Grace, n.

Will your grace run out
If I let you down
 ‘Cause all I know
Is how to run
‘Cause I am a sinner
 If its not one thing its another
Caught up in words 
Tangled in lies 
You are the Savior 
And you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful 
Will you call me child
When I tell you lies 
Cause all I know Is how to cry 
I am a sinner 
If its not one thing its another 
Caught up in words 
Tangled in lies 
You are the Savior 
And you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful 
You make it beautiful

Brokenness Aside - All Sons and Daughters (lyrics)

* * *

The words to this song struck me as I was walking the other morning. I had just had a conversation about works, discipline, grace and the LAW with our Christmas company. 

How foolish we are to think we can work hard enough and be good enough to live in real grace. 
Oh, I think we believe we can, but it is always the grace of our own doing and there are strings attached when we get out of line. 
We can live in Grace, but the grace we are made for is a gift. 
Because we are uncomfortable with this gift we live like Martha, doing every thing we can think of to be good enough.
Finding our worth in "busy" not being.
Never can we see it.
That is until we can no longer manage and come to the end of ourselves. It is never pretty and some don't recover, some say things to Jesus like, yeah, if you want me, you can come and find me. I am done!
And, He does come.
He comes with the Grace that is free, just like Paul talks about in the book of Romans. 
I am pretty sure getting knocked off your donkey, not being able to see and changing your name is the equal of coming to the end of yourself. So, I am taking Paul at his word about this Jesus and the gift of grace.  
Paul gets it and he helped me see.
Seeing was painful, knowing just how foolish I had been. 
I can't keep every single law, I needed a Savior. 
I should just let Jesus do what He does best. 
I will believe that it is greater to live in Grace and be loved knowing He loves me, created me and has everything good for me.

Brokenness aside, He makes it beautiful!     

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